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February 27, 2007

lmi? etf? lic?

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Found this pdf file from Reliance Capital that defines Listed Managed Investments such as Exchange Traded Funds and Listed investment Companies more precisely.. I had been referring to them kind of interchangeably.

Looks like they have some other handy info on their site as well.

February 18, 2007

ASX Listed Managed Investment summary sheet for December 2006

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Found this natty summary of Listed Managed Investments on the ASX site while googling about, mentions a few I wasn’t really aware about, some wierd numbers in there.. for instance what is NEW PRIVATEER HOLDINGS LIMITED and how did they return 432.26% in the last year?
Pretty amazing for a company that dont appear to even have a web site.

February 16, 2007

Interesting shares: financial services companies.

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Well the main reason I am looking at these is because since I started dabbling in this investment stuff (and in the case of Bendigo Bank, well before) I have been using the products and services of these companies.. so given the superannuation driven “forced” investment environment in Australia I have a hunch they will continue to do OK regardless.

ETRADE : summary : St George gearing ratio 50%

Australian Stock Exchange : summary : St George gearing ratio 70%
Wether people are going mad buying or selling, these guys will always get a cut.

Hunter Hall International Limited : summary : St George gearing ratio 45%
The company that runs the managed funds, super funds and ETFs of the same name.. as I own chunks of all of them this would be kind of kicking back some of the fees to myself I guess?

Australian Ethical Investment Limited : summary : not on the St George list of shares available for gearing.
With HHL at 45% and these guys not even listed seems the banks consider investment firms a bit of a risk.

Bendigo Bank Limited: summary : St George gearing ratio 70%

St. George Bank Limited: summary : St George gearing ratio 75%
Use a St George margin loan to buy St George shares so the dividends help pay the interest that go back to the dividends.. very underpants gnomes I say.

February 14, 2007

top200 shares fund

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Found on portfolio tracker site via google this this comparison of a few Australian index funds. What’s curious is the
top200shares product from BankWest. Now BankWests internet banking product is great but it is kind of baffling why they would introduce this when it’s fees are so high compared to the competitors. Natty online web pages to track the fund are nice, but not that nice, when it is just as easy to track a streettracks asx200 portfolio online at a discount broker with a fraction of the fees applying. The nearly 1% MER partly removes a the advantage of index investing I think.

follow up
After some discussion on the ever handy aus.invest though the web design looks cute this product doesn’t really offer anything over the cheaper equivalent product from Vanguard, although either would be better than streettracks for small regular savings deposits as no brokerage fees.

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