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March 4, 2007

more LMI of note

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Some interesting ones I hadn’t noticed before.

APN/UKA European Retail Trust – Shopping Malls in Europe? – St George ML gearing ratio 60%.

Aurora Sandringham Dividend Income Trust The Trust will predominantly trade the largest 30 companies on the Australian Stock Exchange and aims to take advantage of the changes in the market prices of shares around the announcement of their half-yearly and yearly results. This makes the trust different from other listed investments. – St George ML gearing ratio 70%.

residential rent crisis – a beat up by real estate agents?

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The much vaunted rent crisis – being talked up by real estate agents pretending to be distressed would be tenants on the TV news? Is this an attempt by the real estate industry to drive up rents by propaganda methods?

Rental ‘crisis’ could be a myth – The Australian
Who’s Raising The Rent? – Mediawatch

Sydney is full of Elissa Kracjers, young people searching anxiously for a place to call their own, at a rent that won’t send them broke. It’s almost mission impossible.

Elissa Kracjer: I found a place after about two months of solid looking.
There wasn’t what I wanted in the market.

— Channel 9, Sydney News, 9th January, 2007

Until recently, Elissa Kracjer was a real estate agent, managing rental properties.

And she has some fascinating political connections too.

Elissa Kracjer: My ex is an adviser to (NSW Premier) Morris Iemma and one of my friends who is a (Peter) Debnam staffer thought it would be a
funny way to get back at him if I came out on the Liberal’s side…(Opposition leader) Peter Debnam was making a statement or announcement on it that afternoon or evening so they staged a lot of things for me to say to go with it.

March 3, 2007

Neerav Bhatt – The Road Less Travelled blog

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Good local blog with a lot of useful discussion on small picture personal finance and investing.. direct link to personal finance section.

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