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July 22, 2007

australianrealestateblog.com.au, www.lawyersconveyancing.com.au etc

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Excellent source of information from a series of related web sites by the Real Estate Lawyer Peter Mericka. Some good advice on the stumbling blocks on dealing with the Real Estate industry from the legal side.
Also a good example of well done web promotion.. starting with excellent, relevant content, and a series of topically named mutually reinforcing web sites feeding traffic to each other.


July 19, 2007

trawling the real estate web sites…

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Some good:

  • http://www.realestate.com.au – appears to be the most popular. Agents incredibly slack to keep their listings up to date though, about 1/3 of the listings seem actually sold if you try and follow them up.
  • http://www.domain.com.au – second most popular? cleaner layout, but harder to use than realestate.com.au, a lot of overlap. And they keep emailing me listings of “new” properties that are also listed as “just sold” on the same page. What?
  • http://www.property.com.au/ – realestate.com.au with a “web 2.0” skin.. much nicer to use. Unifinished but shows potential
  • http://www.myhome.com.au/ – slick, not as many listings
  • http://www.homehound.com.au/ – also nice, bit a bit more overlap. good use of google maps. Not enough ranges for limiting search selections. 150K-200K, then 200K to 400K? Why can’t I put in both upper and lower limit? Its my search.

Some needing work:

  • http://www.zeroagents.com.au/ – very nice site, but few listings, a pity as it is direct (no agents)
  • http://www.owner.com.au/ – more listings than zeroagents it seems, but not massive, web design firmly located in 1997. One property I in there I googled showed up as being sold by and agent after it was apparently (no dates?) listed..
  • http://www.diysell.com.au/ – another very nice site, but not many listings, only 16 for all of Melbourne when I checked.
  • http://www.noagentproperty.com.au – ugly, linear and hard to navigate site, but has more listings than the others.

I am a fan of the concept of agentless sales, but with all the listings spread over a range of mostly terrible quality websites the current state isn’t good. If they were all listed in zeroagents.com or diysell it would be great.

July 5, 2007

Went with Ratebusters for the loan.

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We just got pre-approval for a home loan with ratebusters. Essentially as they are cheap in the long term – though there is a bit of a fee hit in the short term I think it is worth it. Also they were the most helpful (both talking with them and the general information available on their web site) and the “up to 10 splits after settlement” feature combined with the 100% offset best meets what I am trying to do with investment plans.
Now the hard bit of actually looking for a place.

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