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October 25, 2007

Barclays ishares available on the ASX – Exchange traded funds that track international indexes.

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After reading an interesting thread on index funds etc on invested.com.au I just found out that that one gap in the ETF market in Australia has been filled – international index funds. In fact a whole pile of them launched at the same time – they are essentially ASX listed, aussie dollar denominated versions of funds already available in the USA and Canada

Now if only there was an SRI/Ethical index fund available to non-institutional investors.

The iShares funds now listed on the St George margin lending acceptable securities list with a gearing ratio of 60%.

October 23, 2007

house lost, back to the drawing board, thanks Ray White Noble Park

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Well within the space of a few days it all went to crap – well to be specific it was all crap from the start but we were unaware of it until close to the settlement date. Incredibly unimpressed with those responsible.

  • The “Contract of Sale” was never valid, it did not have all required signatures from both vendors on the night of the Auction. Well I guess we’ll know to look for this next time.
  • The real estate agent apparently thought this minor detail not worth mentioning to us.
  • This was brought to our attention by our Conveyancer, at least they were on the case doing their job professionally, though it was only mentioned to us fairly late in the piece, which caused me a bit of angst. At the time I was misguidedly directing part of my frustration at them as well, when really the problem lay elswhere.
  • We are not heavily out of pocket from all of this (though we have lost money on this whole fiasco), it’s more the massive letdown and waste of our time and effort, after spending most of the 65 day settlement period thinking all was fine and we had all of our house in order.
  • Looks like we were collateral damage in somebodys messy divorce, or something.
  • I could go on but it might devolve into a bitter rant.

October 13, 2007

problems with dwelling purchase

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Well after all going apparently smoothly for the 2 months of the settlement period, all at the last moment, within the space of about 10 days, it has all turned into a complete shambles. More news – and further details – when I feel up to describing them – after it breaks, we’ll know at crunch time this time next week how it all ends up playing out. Suffice to say aspects of the paperwork were incomplete, and we have only been recently notified of this by the conveyancer.

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