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January 13, 2008

investment landscape unstable

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Well the portfolio has dropped in value by 8% due to the current market uncertainty. This is no big deal with the long term picture (provided they keep coughing up dividends) but I am not increasing the margin loan amount at the moment to keep it on an even keel and to stabilise the gearing ratio. I have picked up a bunch more SLF as the price dropped, partly to get more at the new cheaper price, and partly to help stabilize the gearing ratio. A few other good shares seem to be cheap now, will make a few more purchases at regular intervals to use dollar cost averaging to keep things stable.

addendum: a week late I snarfed some TGG and AEZ, which are down 24 and 33 per cent respectively.

back to the real estate grind

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Well it is time to recommence house hunting.. interest rates are up several times since the last attempt went FUBAR, but we have more deposit saved. The good part is driving around with wonderful wife looking at houses. The bad part will be having to interact with those that work in real estate. Hopefully things havent changed so much that we can’t re-use some of the mortgage prep work we have already done.

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