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May 31, 2008

westpac encroaching on all fronts – st george bank and virgin mastercard

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A long time ago I wasn’t impressed with Westpac, so I moved my banking somewhere much better. I also switched my credit card to a product that seemed better at the time, Virgin Mastercard. Now I read (yes I know this is month old news but I just found it now) that Virgin is selling their Mastercard business in Australia to Westpac. Further news from The Age on this here.
No big deal, I guess I’ll just move my credit card over to Bendigo Bank which is supposed to have an excellent credit card product anyway, plus me being a Bendigo bank shareholder I’m kinda sorta putting the fees back in my own pocket.
Also on a similar note if St George Bank get gobbled up.. my St George Bank shares will become Westpac shares and my St George margin loan will end up owned by Westpac.

May 22, 2008

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

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I just purchased a copy of A Random Walk Down Wall Street which is one of those books I have heard the general gist summarised by others, and agree with what I have heard of this gist.. but never actually read. Ordered from Etrades Moneybags site, though it hasnt showed up yet.

But also while poking about I found this “readers digest” summarised version which appears to boil it down to the key points, available as a PDF file.

May 18, 2008

Vanguard Australian Shares Volatility Chart

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From the Vanguard email newsletter, which sometimes has some quite interesting info although I am not currently a Vanguard customer

It’s time in the market that counts Australian share market volatility 1978 -2008

Guess demonstrates even with volatility shares do OK as long as you take a long term view.

May 4, 2008

another possible home found

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We just signed an offer on another place after months of searching.

Using the same lender and conveyancer.. but this is with a different agent, one who seems a lot more on the ball and straight down the line.

The contract note has been signed by us and the vendor, part of the deposit is paid and the finance to be sorted.

The place cost a bit more but is much nicer and in a better location, in good condition except for a few thousand of repairs to the bathroom. Let’s see how we go….

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