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June 27, 2008


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Settlement has occured… which is real estate jargon for the transaction and legal stuff is over and we can call the place ours (and the banks). This time, with a competent, professional and straight down the line Real Estate Agent to deal with, while keeping the same Mortgage Provider and Conveyancer as last time (If it aint broke, dont fix it) – it all went smooth and without a hitch. Some minor errors here and there within the mountaints of paperwork being bounced around (possibly inevitable in such a complicated operation) but all picked up and rectified promptly with no negative ramifications.
I guess the payoff from doing it second time around is we ended up with a nicer place, with larger land, a bigger garden in a quieter location that’s closer to public transport so at least we ended up in a better spot.

  • This time I was quite happy with the professional yet friendly manner of the agent, Ranko Delibasic from Harcourts in Dandenong, one of the few agents who waited until the all important Section 32 statement was available before accepting offers, and then he promptly and professionally took serious offers in writing without any of the games played by some other agents, which I think contributed to a smooth and stress free settlement for all involved.
  • Lawyers Conveyancing now have this neat web interface that displays the status of your conveyancing matter as it progresses to completion. It is simple and utilitarian (which I like), with a hard to type in URL (no matter once bookmarked), but was handy to have a row of satisfying tickboxes appear as the various stages of the matter progressed.
  • Ratebusters now using ING wholesale for the loan product we ended up with this time, slightly different feature set but still does what I want, and appears to have a very nice simple, but usable web interface to manage it all from.

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