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August 3, 2008

minor gripe – multiform spa baths – what you pay for might not be what you get.

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Well as we had to repair the iffy bathroom floor, which would involve ripping up the tiles, we got talked into a full bathroom renovation as most of the bathroom would have to get ripped out to properly waterproof the walls and floor. This is fine, as we had factored in a bit of expense.
Along the way we got talked into upgrading the normal bath to a air jet spa bath.. sounds cool, though I have never used one myself.

After looking around my wife eventually settled on the “Multiform Joy” spa bath, choosing it from a catalogue. It was duly ordered from Builders Renovators Warehouse, Mitcham, with an expected wait of “a couple of days” until it could be delivered from the factory.
After more than a week the bath showed up and was installed (wife was at work when this happened).. this appeared to be fine except the “joy” bath we got, although the same dimensions as the one in the catalogue, has a completely different arrangement of jets. Wife not impressed, as this is NOT the one on either the catalogue or web page. I’ll admit I didn’t even notice, I was just relieved that the bath had shown up at all after such a long wait with all the tradespeople lined up to finish the installation. But we don’t want to turn this renovation into a money pit of unexpected costs and further delays to rectify this so I guess we’ll just leave it as it is. But still, confused as to why they didn’t deliver the same bath as what their catalogue shows.

Other than that the bathroom renovation has gone great – we have gone from a daggy mauve old 80s cheap and cheerful, badly laid out bathroom to a nice simple white and chrome bathroom with a much better layout for the vanity and bath. In the long run, the spend on the upgrade should more than pay for itself.

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