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March 15, 2012

Lawyers Real Estate vs Consumur Affairs

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Interesting legal case involving the conveyencer I used, Lawyers real Estate:

read more about it here:


Atfer seeing a lot of the dodgy behaviour in the real estate biz it’s been informative to read up on the tricks following Peter Mericka’s blog, I hope it all goes well for him.

Long time between posts

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I have not written much here, but there hasn’t been a lot to write.. since the acquisition of a mortgage, the most rational investment option has been to simply reduce interest payments on my mortgage by getting it paid off, which is where the bulk of my effort has gone. Mortgage is at least now substantially reduced.
To this end, all my shares except Bendigo Bank and some AEZ (APN European Retail Property Group) have been let go of. I would have sold the AEZ but there value has sunk down to almost nothing – they dont meet the minimum trade requirement at ETRADE, it it’s OK to keep them around as an object lesson.
Bendigo Bank, although below the value I purchased them at, continues to deliver dividends. As I bank with them it seems good to own a slice of them.

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