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May 17, 2014

mortgage put to bed, looking at shares again

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The mortgage is now pretty much done and we are “home owners”. Strange.
Although I was thinking initially of using some of the mortgage as to fund buying more shares, now that I’ve a place to live in, I don’t want to deal with the risk.
I do have some savings I’d like to invest, so I’m back at looking at shares.
Looking in hindsight at what I was up to until 2008, I should have avoided the margin loan – it’s difficult to do a “buy and hold” approach and forget the day to day price when they could get sold out from under you due to the LVR.

Also was also trying to be too diverse and buying more and more varied investment products for the sake of it including some that I didn’t fully understand.
The only shares I’ve kept through all of this have been Bendigo Bank, which despite the value of the shares going up and down have always reliably kicked back some dividends, so will continue to hang on to them.

My shares are still held in the margin loan account (Etrade/StGeorge) though not incurring any fees as there is no debt. My other Etrade account has the cash account closed due to lack of activity. Since I’ve got to do a bit of work to get started again I’ve opened an account with CMC Markets as they are $9 a trade cheaper, and I dont need all the advanced trading tools, just low overheads and tax reports for the accountant.

The ETF market has gotten more broad in the last few years, I just wish there were some ethically screened low cost index funds. I like Hunter Hall, etc, but the fees are quite high.

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