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June 1, 2014

Proposed new portfolio

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It will take a while to get the savings in to meet this proposed mix, but here is my simple starter portfolio I’m going to aim for.. at least until I change my mind or an ethical index fund comes on the market. Aim is low fees passive investment and diversity plus ethical investment.

As there are no “ethical” index funds easily available in Australia I’ll add HUNTER HALL GLOBAL VALUE LIMITED into the mix, though I think the fees are high but I get they are actively researching what they choose.

  • SYI SPDR MSCI AUSTRALIA SELECT HIGH DIVIDEND YIELD : 26% – Australian large company index fund but screened for large dividends
  • BEN BENDIGO AND ADELAIDE BANK LIMITED : 24% – sentimental favourite, kept these through the mortgage and the GFC.. and I use Bendigo Bank.
  • IXJ ISHARES GLOBAL HEALTHCARE ETF : 18% – I think healthcare will continue to be a future world growth industry, so a low MER index fund focused on this area.
  • HHV HUNTER HALL GLOBAL VALUE LIMITED : 22% – as the other index funds aren’t ethically screened, some ethically selected shares so at least some of the investment is being pushed in the right direction. ALso gives a quite diverse Australian and International mix, and the NTA is at a discount(i.e. right now $1 of HHV will get $1.17 worth of shares)

There percentage allocation is just approx. Starting with the SYI portion, and it will take a while to get the above mix as I’m buying lots to keep brokerage fees low.

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