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February 23, 2015

At last, some ethically screened Index ETF available in Australia

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UBS Global Asset Management has launched six new ETFs that track MSCI indices which screen out tobacco and ‘controversial weapons’.


I have yet to study these, funny that I found this just a few days after embarking on a change in the portfolio balance.

February 22, 2015

all quiet, minor adjustment to portfolio mix

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Nothing much new to report. Portfolio has been going well though this mostly an artifact of the Australian dollar going down, so the international share mix have gone up higher in value. Of course this means if the Australian dollar goes up again, they will go down.

I have made an adjustment to the portfolio mix, adding an additional broad based index fund that is also hedged against currency fluctuations. And have expanded the fixed interest component to include some Australian bond funds. Also reduced the amount of BEN so as to not be over-represented in just a single company.

So new mix is:

  • SYI SPDR MSCI AUSTRALIA SELECT HIGH DIVIDEND YIELD : 26% – Australian large company index fund but screened for large dividends
  • BEN BENDIGO AND ADELAIDE BANK LIMITED : 20% – sentimental favourite, kept these through the mortgage and the GFC.. and I use Bendigo Bank.
  • IXJ ISHARES GLOBAL HEALTHCARE ETF : 12% – I think healthcare will continue to be a future world growth industry, so a low MER index fund focused on this area.
  • HHV HUNTER HALL GLOBAL VALUE LIMITED : 20% – as the other index funds aren’t ethically screened, some ethically selected shares so at least some of the investment is being pushed in the right direction. Also gives a quite diverse Australian and International mix.
  • VAF Vanguard® Australian Fixed Interest Index ETF : 6% – bonds
  • WXHG SPDR® S&P® World ex Australia (Hedged) Fund : 10%

I won’t be selling any shares to get this new mix, just allocating new purchases with some hints from the handy bit of software I have been using, that now has multi CPU support added so it can make it’s guesses faster.
I wish there were some “ethically screened” Index funds available in Australia.

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