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July 16, 2015

new portfolio balance

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With moving away from Bendigo Bank I have rebalanced the portfolio. Also time to move more towards Index Funds now there are some “Ethical” options available, although the UBA funds are only “ex Tobacco ex Controversial Weapons” it’s better than nothing.

Also I’ve bumped up the fixed interest portions (bonds and bank deposits via VAF and AAA), and reduced the relatively high fee Hunter Hall ETF.

I’m doing no sales to quickly get to this new balance, as there is no rush, I’ll just continue lazily allocating new purchases as part of my saving plan so the new balance tends towards the below:

So new mix is:

  • SYI SPDR MSCI AUSTRALIA SELECT HIGH DIVIDEND YIELD : 26% – Australian large company index fund but screened for large dividends
  • BEN BENDIGO AND ADELAIDE BANK LIMITED : 8% – I’ve stopped using BendigoBank – but no reason to sell the shares just yet..
  • IXJ ISHARES GLOBAL HEALTHCARE ETF : 8% – I think healthcare will continue to be a future world growth industry, so a low MER index fund focused on this area.
  • HHV HUNTER HALL GLOBAL VALUE LIMITED :8% – as the other index funds aren’t ethically screened, some ethically selected shares so at least some of the investment is being pushed in the right direction. Also gives a quite diverse Australian and International mix.
  • VAF Vanguard® Australian Fixed Interest Index ETF : 8% – bonds
  • WXHG SPDR® S&P® World ex Australia (Hedged) Fund : 14% – International shares, but hedged against currency fluctuations.
  • UBA: UBS IQ MSCI Australia Ethical ETF : 10% – UBA provides a diversified core exposure to the Australian equity market and aims to replicate the performance of the MSCI Australia ex Tobacco ex Controversial Weapons Index, before fees and expenses by physically holding the shares within the underlying Index.
  • UBW: UBS IQ MSCI World ex Australia Ethical ETF : 10% – UBW provides a diversified exposure across Global equity markets ex Australia and aims to replicate the performance of the MSCI World ex Australia ex Tobacco ex Controversial Weapons Index, before fees and expenses by physically holding the shares within the underlying Index

edit holding off buying the UBS funds until I check exactly what the “ex Tobacco ex Controversial Weapons” entails… I suspect for Australia at least they may be few, if any companies that fit this bill?

new bank – moving away from BendigoBank to BankMECU

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I got annoyed with the constantly creeping up fees of BendigoBank, so have moved to BankMecu. With my particular usage pattern, fees should be zero, and the interest rate on their “BonusSaver” account is much higher than I am getting on my BankWest internet savings account, provided I follow the rules of the account.

I was initially annoyed with BendigoBanks apparently new international ATM transfer fee – but it turns out they were just reporting an existing fee (that had been there about a year) in a more visible way, which is a good thing I suppose. But still apparently ALL the banks decided to slug people a 3% international ATM fee – on top of the existing ATM fees – at the same time, then used the lame excuse it was “in line with the practice of other financial institutions”. But it nudged me to shop around and it looks like BankMecu is better for me.

BankMecu also has not particularly great international ATM rates, but I will experiment with TransferWise – though it needs access to a bank account in the destination country.

BanMecu also have a zero fee credit card with 55 day interest free, so I could move away from my “Ignite” westpac credit card – this card started off as a VIRGIN MASTERCARD which I got to get away from WESTPAC, then Virgin sold their credit business to Westpac, putting me back where I started.

Now I’m moving away from BendigoBank, I’m a bit conflicted about what to do with my shares.. I’ll keep the existing ones, but won’t sell down.. so time for a re-balance anyway…

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